Friday, December 19, 2008


We finally went to the Jelly Belly Factory to visit our favorite Santa. To us, he's the real deal... we LUV him! My pictures turned out lousy, but I'm still sharing :-).
Listening to their wishes.
Checking out all the jelly beans.

Now a little walk down memory lane!


2006 (we didn't like him... he smelled bad, lol)




  1. Wow - look how much they've grown! I love the Santa pics, and LOL at the one where he smelled bad!

  2. It's been 1 1/2 years since we moved away from California and seen y'all. The girls sure have grown a lot during that time! Just tooooo cute! Sure miss the days when all we had to do to see ya was walk across the street! Come see us in Louisiana sometime, OK?!

  3. Erina has changed so much!

    I love that they progressively get into Santa each year. Funny!

    So, they let you take your own pictures? I may have to go...

  4. Oh, yes, I always take my own picture... even at the mall, lol! Just ask, they usually don't mind.

    I found another pic with the same Santa when they were 2 & 4, but I would have to scan it... and I'm lazy!