Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours was marvelous!

Christmas Eve was spent with family. Sadly it rained all day and driving for an hour was NO FUN. There's something wrong with my windshield wipers and everything looked like a smeary, blurry mess. Luckily Brian was driving!
Once we arrived at the Carro's house, everything was fine and peace settled in... look at the hustle and bustle going on :-)Three very excited girlies!
I love this one of Lilly, not sure why
Maureen had the best party poppers ever! We all got a crown, a present and a joke.
Erina & Uncle Kevin role playing one of the jokes.
Time to open presents!

Christmas Day, before the storm ;-)
Grace with her stocking
Erina did a victory dance after opening her Santa present... she really wanted that Barbie bus!
Jump on the couch and shake your booty, yeah, you go girl!
Grace wished for a shirt & hat for her jackalope Jack
I love it when they get excited over books!
Their dolls got Matilda Jane clothes... so freakin' cute!
Grace does this every Christmas... my silly girl knows she's my best present.
Erina wearing her new robe, playing with the Barbie bus.
Time for breakfast! I always make them reindeer pancakes, aren't they cute?
Pour on the syrup...
... and enjoy!

That's it! Thanks for looking!


  1. FUN! You got some great pictures! I never get good pictures Christmas morning.

  2. What fun! The party poppers look like a fun idea!LOVE those reindeer pancakes!

  3. Where did you get the MJ doll clothes! I love your blog....found it through the MJC blog! Great photos, great family! I just got a new 'baby' too and gave my old one to my 3 year old. Interesting pics!