Sunday, November 23, 2008

You look so fine, now that you're nine...

Yep, my first born is nine years old today. Don't ask me how I'm doing, please... all you mothers out there know exactly how I feel.

First off a blast from the past for you... my little baby Erina at nine months. Wasn't she a chubby cutie pie?
And today she is nine years old... I had to say it again, just to believe it.

She insisted on opening her presents FIRST thing in the morning. She was one excited kiddo :-).

I got a lot of these pictures... she was moving FAST!

She really, really wished for a fashion scarf. That's another blast from the past, isn't it? I remember wearing those when I was a teen!
Her only other request was a label maker. I have no clue what she plans to label around here... don't be surprised next time you visit, if every one of our kitchen cabinets has a label on :-D!

Max, our beloved tiger, was watching too :-)
After a yummy breakfast, it was time to head to Build-a-Bear. It's become a birthday tradition for us. She picked a bear (for the first time!) and named her Patches.
Here I asked her to look a little happy...
After a movie & her choice of dinner it was time for cupcakes. I love taking pictures of treats...

Erina's design... she said it's a frog, to me it looks a bit like a scary clown.
Blowing out the candles...Yum!!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Erina!
    That baby picture is really too sweet! I love chubby babies!
    And the cupcakes look yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Erina!

  3. how sweet! great shots monika! happy birthday erina!

  4. Love the shots! That cupcake one needs to be a birthday card!

    I know I don't have to tell you, but Erina is awesome! She really is great!

    And a label maker is so her! She's more then welcome to come over here when she's don't with your house!

  5. NINE??? Seriously??? So weird. Looks like her birthday was great. Can these kids PLEASE stop growing????