Monday, November 3, 2008

Too much to say...

Yes, I'm listening to Dave Matthews Band and I indeed have too much to say, lol! But I suppose I should start with the earliest event and then do Halloween tomorrow :-).

Cross Country Track Meet
What a fun event it was. There's just something about it that gives me the chills... and of course I had slightly watery eyes when my girls crossed the finish line. I'm such a softy. I don't even know what place they came in, but I don't care anyways :-D.
Grace had her day on the 28th. Here she is waiting for the race to start.

Running full speed...

... and showing off her ribbon and certificate.

Erina's race was on the 29th. Again, it was a long waiting game!!

Almost at the finish line... you can do it!!! Please note that I offered to buy her some running shoes, but she insisted on wearing her faithful chucks. Gotta run with style, baby!

We had a lot of friends participating that day... so playing in the dirt with all of them was almost more fun than running!

Awww, best buddies... and they are usually not huggers ;-).

It was also "crazy colors" day at school... I think Grace outdid herself with this lovely ensemble.

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