Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Secret is OUT!

Well, yesterday Erina said to me out of the blue:

"Mom, you're impersonating Santa, right?"

I hesitated just a moment and she knew, she was right. First of all I was thrown off by her choice of words... what 9 year old says "impersonating"??

See, the thing is, I don't lie to my kids (well, at least not about the important stuff). Last holiday season Erina was questioning Santa and I kept answering her questions with questions... I never said I'm not Santa. Then I took her to see the best Santa ever (at the Jelly Belly Factory). Luckily the place was empty and she asked him tons of questions about all the Santa logistics. She seemed satisfied with his answers and walked out of there as a believer.

Until yesterday.

"I'm right, right?"

Me, starting to sweat... not knowing what to say. So I nodded my head in a yes kind of way :-O!

She let out a puff of air: "So, Santa isn't real???"

Me, hoping Grace is still far away from us in Webkinz world: "No, he's not. But it's a special tradition for the holidays and I still kind of believe in his magic... even though I put the present under the tree."

"And YOU eat the cookies???"

Meekly "Yes" from me.

I gave her a big hug and told her NOT to tell Grace. So far, so good.

And you know what?

I still remember they day I found out that my Mom was Santa. Santa works a little different in Switzerland. He doesn't bring your Christmas presents, but he comes by your house on December 6th. Kids put one of their boots outside the front door over night and will hopefully find some goodies in it in the morning (which usually consisted of tangerines, peanuts, chocolates and maybe a tiny toy). Santa (Samichlaus in Swiss) and his helper Schmutzli (he's the bad guy, who will put you in his bag and take you to the Black Forrest, if you've been bad) walk around town on the night of the 6th with their donkey (who wears a bell). I swear, every year I heard those bells and was scared that they would ring our doorbell and pack me in that bag!!! It turns out that a family on our street hired a Samichlaus to come visit their house EVERY year. That's why I always heard him and his crew... so I believed it was true! Until the year when I was eleven. That's when I found a small present in my Mom's drawer... and that present ended up in my boot. I was mad.... no, make that furious!!! Why would she not tell me that it was all a hoax? Why would she let me believe for so long? Honestly, I don't remember, if my Mom ever actually lied about him. Probably not. But I was still angry with her for hiding the truth.

Geez, that was long. Maybe I'm still suffering from that event :-D. But anyways, that's why I had to tell Erina. I didn't want her to feel the same way I felt way back then.


  1. She lasted a long time! We're the same way with the Santa/lying stuff. Props, mommy!

  2. OK, call me a sap but that made me teary eyed LOL. I think Anthony has all ready started to figure things out and he's only six :(

  3. I keep telling Brady that if you don't believe in Santa you don't get a gift from him!

    I'm so mean! I just can't bear to hear it!