Thursday, October 23, 2008

A special thank you...

... to the Linsleys!!

Yesterday a package arrived and Grace was super excited. You know that feeling when your birthday is over and all the presents have been opened? You come crashing down from a high and almost get sad that it's all over. And then, out of the blue, another one shows up... yep, that's the wonderful feeling of a surprise.

Anyways, the present was a microphone, t-shirts of cousin Spencer's band and the sweetest card. Both girls were just THRILLED. On went the shirts and off they ran with their little amp and Grace's new microphone. They set up a stage in the backyard and sang away their darling hearts!! I was surprised that we didn't get any complaints from the neighbors :-D, they were LOUD!!!

I'm sending a big fat thank you to Anmarie, Brian, Dessa, Simon & Spencer. You all know I'm not the best at sending thank you cards, so I offer you these funny videos instead... much better, right?

Oh, and check out Spencer's band. We are so proud of him! The girls think he's the coolest, lol!

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