Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hispanic Heritage Night

Thursday night was Hispanic Heritage Night at the girls school.

It was Grace's first time singing in the school choir... and boy, was she silly! She kept looking at us and had to giggle when she was supposed to sing. I guess she had a case of stage fright and maybe she doesn't want to be a rock star now after all :-D! Erina was perfect... as always, lol!

They got to paint maracas,

watch pretty ladies dance

and finally sing some fun songs in Spanish!

And I found out that I enjoy taking pictures of shoes... psst, don't tell anybody, but yes... I was bored.


  1. I wanted to go so bad. It looked like so much fun! Could you imagine if Mary Rose was in the choir too! Goodnight! That would be something!

    My favorite pictures are shoes and feet! I want a picture of me and Jeramy, but you just see our shoes. Me in my Chucks, and Jeramy in his Vans. Or, me in some fun red high heels and Jeramy in his Vans. It will happen. And I will have it made into a really big canvas!

    I love your shoe pictures! You know you need to enter the fair this year... I'm going to start bugging you about it. FYI

  2. Hush your mouth JERAMY!!!

    I didn't speak at the event... I wasn't even there! I was in prison.

  3. Hi Monika! I ran across your blog while surfing the net. You take such beautiful pictures!

  4. Hey Laura!!! Another fellow blogger, yay!

    Sharon, love the shoe pic idea... I would go for chucks though, for some reason I can't see you in red high heels :-)

    Jeramy, no clue what you're talking about... Sharon, the public speaker? I must have missed something :-).