Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Having fun with my camera

Grace was wearing this cute MJ outfit a while back and I suggested a photo shoot/walk in the marsh. Erina was in on the act too with my old camera. She really enjoys taking pictures and Grace loves being our model (most days, lol).

This pose cracks me up, so professional :-D
Here she's dancing...

... and screaming. Yes, I let them go wild out there, after all it's just us and the birds ;-).

She kind of blends in, doesn't she?

And my personal favorite.Here's Erina taking pictures....
...and two pictures that she took.

The End


  1. ooh is so funny grace danceing lol. p.s erina took good pictures!

  2. great job! your favorite is my favorite too!

  3. beautiful! beautiful! Beautiful! I LOVE your favorite. Boy can you work a camera!