Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion show ahead...

Two posts in one day, wow, I'm chatty today :-). Or maybe just eager to show you all our new Matilda Jane outfits, lol.

I guess the pictures speak for themselves... I absolutely love the Abbi Knot dress on Grace. The lime velour ruffles are too short, but I have the bigger size coming my way already. What do you think of the second combo? Too much blue? That's what I'm thinking...

Erina actually likes her pieces (yay!!) and she already wore the pants & shrug to school today. Skirt is still big, but it will work.Grace wanted to go outside for a few pics. Here you can tell that the green ruffles are way short on her... I don't think I like the cropped look for winter.
Can you tell she loves this hat??

Have a good night! Probably I'll bore you all with more birthday pictures tomorrow :-D!


  1. I love that knot dress! So cute!
    I actually love it all!

    Yeah... I agree on the blue. Although the color looks great on her!

  2. What beautiful girls! The outfits are darling!