Friday, October 31, 2008

Check this out!

Denise from Matilda Jane Clothing is doing it again! She's spreading the love, paying it forward... whatever you want to call it. Please read her blog and if you have a story, send it in!

Thankful Thursday

And yes, I'm tickled pink that Grace's picture is on her blog again. But really, it's not the important part. It's the cause that counts.

Have a happy & safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Having fun with my camera

Grace was wearing this cute MJ outfit a while back and I suggested a photo shoot/walk in the marsh. Erina was in on the act too with my old camera. She really enjoys taking pictures and Grace loves being our model (most days, lol).

This pose cracks me up, so professional :-D
Here she's dancing...

... and screaming. Yes, I let them go wild out there, after all it's just us and the birds ;-).

She kind of blends in, doesn't she?

And my personal favorite.Here's Erina taking pictures....
...and two pictures that she took.

The End

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a quick one...

... before I finally go to bed. I'm such a nightowl, it's not even funny.

The girls have been practising for the upcoming Cross-Country Track Meet for a couple weeks and today I decided to bring along the camera. I wanted to make sure I could take a good picture of them running.

I have to say, I'm so proud of my girls. They both know that running is not their strength, but they try their best and have fun along the way.

Ready, set... GO!

Cheering on their friend Brittney is much more fun...

When we got home, the sprinklers were on... oh, what a lucky coincidence. One sprinkler head had some malfunction going on, but sure was fun to play with.

I just love how these pictures came out...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A special thank you...

... to the Linsleys!!

Yesterday a package arrived and Grace was super excited. You know that feeling when your birthday is over and all the presents have been opened? You come crashing down from a high and almost get sad that it's all over. And then, out of the blue, another one shows up... yep, that's the wonderful feeling of a surprise.

Anyways, the present was a microphone, t-shirts of cousin Spencer's band and the sweetest card. Both girls were just THRILLED. On went the shirts and off they ran with their little amp and Grace's new microphone. They set up a stage in the backyard and sang away their darling hearts!! I was surprised that we didn't get any complaints from the neighbors :-D, they were LOUD!!!

I'm sending a big fat thank you to Anmarie, Brian, Dessa, Simon & Spencer. You all know I'm not the best at sending thank you cards, so I offer you these funny videos instead... much better, right?

Oh, and check out Spencer's band. We are so proud of him! The girls think he's the coolest, lol!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A fun day at the pumpkin patch

Last Saturday we headed to Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon to explore the World's Largest Corn Maze.

Now, if you know me, you know I worry about the kids clothes way too much. Yes, I had their pumpkin patch outfits picked out a month ago... and I was determined they would wear them. I even checked the weather report and with a high of 80 degrees, I figured they would be okay in their fall attire. Well, I was wrong... I totally blame it on the weather people :-D. As soon as we got there, the girls started complaining about the heat... since they were wearing pants under dresses, they were able to take at least something off. But still... it bugs me that the dresses are a bit short and Erina's socks are white. I'm weird, I know!!!

The corn maze was pretty cool. I'm telling you, I would never go in there alone. I'm a chicken that way... I get panicky. But with Brian in the lead, I was pretty confident that we would find our way back out. And we did... after about an hour of stomping through a hot field :-D. The kids had a blast to say the least. What an adventure!

Here are all the kids (hint, hint) on one of the look-out bridges

Made it to another bridge. The green one was called Starbucks Station... the girls and I fully expected to buy a cool drink :-D!!
Back into the maze they go...

Grace looking pretty...

... and being my patient model.

I love this one with Brian peeking out...

After all the fun we cooled down with some icee's, yummy!

And to finish off this post, here is the cutest hot face I know

Friday, October 17, 2008

More birthday pics

Birthday girl all the way...

Mary Rose is soooo pretty!

Grace & Mary Rose just melt my heart... they are too cute together.

Erina totally enjoyed Maggie's company!


And a birthday at our house wouldn't be complete without the giant birthday cookie :-)!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Grace had a beautiful birthday... she got to play with her friends at the park, she went to Build-a-Bear and made a new puppy and she had a special sushi dinner. Oh, and she ate lots of cookies, of course.

I'm drop dead tired and just loaded up all the pictures. This one stood out to me... she's so sad looking and still... I like it. I'll promise more pictures will come tomorrow. Happy ones, friendship ones, candle blowing ones... you get it, right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashion show ahead...

Two posts in one day, wow, I'm chatty today :-). Or maybe just eager to show you all our new Matilda Jane outfits, lol.

I guess the pictures speak for themselves... I absolutely love the Abbi Knot dress on Grace. The lime velour ruffles are too short, but I have the bigger size coming my way already. What do you think of the second combo? Too much blue? That's what I'm thinking...

Erina actually likes her pieces (yay!!) and she already wore the pants & shrug to school today. Skirt is still big, but it will work.Grace wanted to go outside for a few pics. Here you can tell that the green ruffles are way short on her... I don't think I like the cropped look for winter.
Can you tell she loves this hat??

Have a good night! Probably I'll bore you all with more birthday pictures tomorrow :-D!

My baby is turning SEVEN :-(

Title says it all... I'm emotional about my younest one getting older :-(. It seems like she was just born yesterday and tomorrow she will be seven. SEVEN!!! I can't believe it, really!!

Of course I'm excited about her birthday, how could I not be... her little perky attitude is contagious. And after all she still has her little girl voice and she sneaks into our bed almost every night... ok, I'm better, she's still my baby.

We had a little family only party for her this weekend. Enjoy the pics!