Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She might even be a rock star...

My girls have a wild imagination... honestly, they don't need any toys to be entertained. Lately Grace has been a rock star and Erina is her bossy manager... today she took some pictures for a cd cover. Yep, that's it to your left.

Would you like a sample of Grace's song writing? Here's one she wrote this summer in Switzerland.

Drip Drop

I stand and look out the window,
I watch and say

drip drop, drip drop

I put my hand out and feel the rain,
the cold rain,
it chills my body

drip drop, drip drop
drip drop, drip drop
oh yeah

The power is lifting me to my bed
I fall asleep to the music of the rain

drip drop, drip drop


  1. it's amazing to get a tiny glimps into the world of a 7 year old. amazing. cute shot.

    thanks for showing the new star to the world!

  3. First of all... no joke... she really does write fantastic songs.
    Second of all... this is for Miss Sistager ( Get it? Instead of momager/manager...) I want to do the CD cover!