Friday, September 19, 2008

Random pictures...

I have nothing important to say today. I'm a grumpy monster and won't bother you with my mood.... so here are some random pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Erina loves my camera too :-) and she does a great job!

Our girl Dutchess, she's such a fluff ball

And my lovely Erina who all of a sudden loves to have her pictures taken! YAY!


  1. We had quite a morning here... I'm a grump too! TGIF!

    That last picture of Erina melts my heart!

  2. monika. i just have to are a natural. the composition in your pictures is fantastic! excellent job!

    don't be grouchy...seriously. too!

  3. Mhmmmm, watermelon! Love Erina's picture of Grace and you, Monika.