Friday, September 26, 2008

My week

This week seemed long for me.

First of all it took forever for Wednesday to come. I was anxious for that day, because I got to go to my first Matilda Jane trunk show to order the new Westside Collection (will be available online on 10/1). Seriously, that stuff is gorgeous!! And I'm telling you this just by looking at catalog pictures, lol. Honestly, if you are into funky kids clothes... buy some, you'll be hooked after your first order :-)!

Then Grace woke up Thursday at 4am, totally burning up. Poor thing was feeling so lousy. Just look for yourself. Sad,he?

Sweet Erina came home from school and had a wonderful idea. She wanted to surprise Grace with a little present... just to cheer the poory soul up a bit. So we dashed to the store right after Daddy got home and picked up some paint for her. Along with it she made her a beautiful and ever so thoughtful card. Grace was overjoyed and asked to sleep with the paint, lol!

Here's sweet Erina this morning ready for school pictures. I didn't pick her outfit, I had something totally different in mind. But my choice was too "little school girlish" for the lady. Oh well, she's expressing herself and I'm proud as ever.

And how is Grace doing today? Much better! She still has a low fever but seems to have more energy... so she got to use her new paint. And you know what she painted? A pretty box for her sister. Honestly, those two love each other so much, it almost hurts.

Playing with my camera... I'm so in love with the blurry background :-)


  1. nice shot on the bottom!

    sick kids are stinkers....i hope she feels better.

    oh...and the sleeves...well....i feel you....that's all i'm saying.

  2. Okay, you are inspiring me to start my own blog, what awesome pictures.
    Quinn said to make sure and say that he hopes Grace feels better soon. I do too :-)
    Peggie :-)

  3. I adore your girls. I just adore them.

    I'm feeling bad because I was supposed to drive Mary Rose by and let her drop off her cards for Grace... Dang it!

    Love the pictures!