Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My book worms

I am so glad that my girls love to read. Yesterday was one of those non-stop reading days :-) and I just happened to tag along with my camera. Did I mention how much I love my new camera??? Love, LOVE, L O V E it to pieces!!!

So we started at the library after school. The girls both had some late fees and the library has this great program where you can read away your fines (every half hour of reading done in the library gives you a dollar). I actually got in trouble for taking pictures inside the library... I didn't know that was a no-no?!?

Then they continued to read while driving home,

after they got home...

... and while I was cooking dinner (yep, lots of jokes and riddles for me!!).

And here are a few shots that I like...

first off "THE LOOK" by Grace

Awww, I got a cute sister pic!

And I figured out that I can take b&w pics too! Doesn't she look all grown-up?


  1. We have some fines... we'd be there for HOURS!!!

    I saw a photographer, just this week post a photo shoot in a library and she got picked on by a librarian too! What is it with those librarians?
    I adore the pictures! It was worth getting fussed at.

  2. Also ich lies jo fuers laebe gaern, finds toll das dini zwei perle das au gaern moeche. und das hen sie jo vo dir - weiss no guet wieviel du glaese hesch z'wallbach no - hesch doch doert kei faehrnseh kha, gaell.. das sind no zyte gsi :-)

  3. I love love love the girls' reading pictures! And the sister pic is so beautiful!