Thursday, September 4, 2008

More songs

I found a bunch of papers on the living room floor this morning... and it's more songs from Grace! I just have to share a few...

Like I'm That Girl

bam, bam
like I'm that crazy girl
bam, bam
like I'm that girl

Oh yeah and then I go
bam, bam, ring, ring
like I'm that girl

but I'm

NOT that girl
I've got my style
everday of my life

I'm not that girl
who you wish I am

You can't tell me what to be
cause I'm just not like that girl

Good Girl

I'm like a little angel in the sky
I'm a shining star
I'm a good girl
I'm a very very good girl
I see what's ahead
I never once was bad

Just Me

Oh, oh it's just me
Can't I ask you something
you don't understand
Can't you tell
It's just me
The little me


  1. OH I just LOVE "like I'm that girl"!


  2. i don't know how to feel about these songs. :-) i guess i should be encouraged that our girls have taken such an interest in creating....or have they found solace in potential stardom??? hmmmm????

  3. I think they are just playing, imitating their young pop idols... and being creative along the way.

  4. These girls are creative that's for sure...

    And I LOVE this picture!

  5. You are included in that too Erina!