Thursday, September 11, 2008

Funny Homework...

The girls had so much fun with their writing homework this week. They had to pick an object that can't talk and pretend to be it.

Paper by Grace

Ouch, pencils are poking me. Stop that! Okay now I can talk. Hello. I am called paper. I have blue stripes all over me. I have a red margent (margin). Sometimes I am plain white. Sometimes they form me into wrapping paper. Not again under attack aaaaaaaah. Thank you. Whew. I have zillion million twins. I was stuck down in a big pile of twins. I feel like I never want to be written on, cause it hurts. I get stuck to places because they put tape on me. Oh no, I'm going into the recycle bin now!

Converse by Erina

Hello! I am a Converse shoe, the ones Erina likes to wear sometimes. I am a sneaker and I am pink. I have a circle saying Converse.

I see a lot of things like yucky gum, puddles, mud, dirt, sometimes even sand! But most of all I see cement. I feel smashed up because I have to share my home with stinky sock and foot. I have a twin, we walk side by side.

I love being on Erina's feet and I hope I'll never get too small for her!


  1. You have to save those! Your girls have always been such good writers!
    I think you need to print out Erinas and frame it with a picture of her wearing her Converse!