Friday, September 5, 2008

Brian got a toy :-)

Looky what Brian got today:
He's been wanting on of those helicopters for a long time and I was always his downer (I always am, he, he) saying stuff like "it will be broken the first time you land" or "it never works the way it does in commercials". Well, guess what? I was WRONG!! And I'm not afraid to admit it :-).

That little thing is sturdy... it crashed plenty of times today and is still flying. It was wonderful to see the three of them out there having so much fun.

You go, Brian!! I was wrong and you were right (I know you enjoy hearing that).

Here's Erina getting a flying lesson:


  1. The picture of Erina, Brian and the chopper... FANTASTIC!

    You guys need to bring it down to my place soon! I have the perfect spot for you guys to fly it! And make sure you are all dressed cute! I have it all planned! Come here first have a glass of wine... saunter down to my spot just when the lights right and BAM! what started out a chopper flying, hanging out with friends, evening, is now a great family photo shoot!

    Brian won't even know what hit 'em!

  2. i totally agree. great sun catch on that last photo! i was thinking it then i read sharon's comment...DANG! she beat me to it....seriously....come over. it will be fun