Monday, September 1, 2008

Beach fun!

Peace to all... I'm sorry I was absent this week. I was busy doing Ebay and didn't have much to share (unless you would like to see totes filled with girl clothes, lol).

But yesterday we finally had some fun in Alameda. We went to celebrate Gram Rose's birthday and I took the girls and their little cousin to the beach for a while. I didn't pack bathing suits, since they NEVER wanted to swim in the yucky Bay water before... but of course this time was different and they ended up in the water with their clothes on... oh, well!

Erina, still nice and dry
Grace surfing the waves :-D
They ran around like children should...

... they dug big holes...
... and wrote in the sand.

And here's Erina, the dog!


  1. so cute! looks like a great day. great shots monika.


    Looks like you guys had a blast!