Friday, September 26, 2008

My week

This week seemed long for me.

First of all it took forever for Wednesday to come. I was anxious for that day, because I got to go to my first Matilda Jane trunk show to order the new Westside Collection (will be available online on 10/1). Seriously, that stuff is gorgeous!! And I'm telling you this just by looking at catalog pictures, lol. Honestly, if you are into funky kids clothes... buy some, you'll be hooked after your first order :-)!

Then Grace woke up Thursday at 4am, totally burning up. Poor thing was feeling so lousy. Just look for yourself. Sad,he?

Sweet Erina came home from school and had a wonderful idea. She wanted to surprise Grace with a little present... just to cheer the poory soul up a bit. So we dashed to the store right after Daddy got home and picked up some paint for her. Along with it she made her a beautiful and ever so thoughtful card. Grace was overjoyed and asked to sleep with the paint, lol!

Here's sweet Erina this morning ready for school pictures. I didn't pick her outfit, I had something totally different in mind. But my choice was too "little school girlish" for the lady. Oh well, she's expressing herself and I'm proud as ever.

And how is Grace doing today? Much better! She still has a low fever but seems to have more energy... so she got to use her new paint. And you know what she painted? A pretty box for her sister. Honestly, those two love each other so much, it almost hurts.

Playing with my camera... I'm so in love with the blurry background :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A typical Sunday...

Sunday is the day for resting... a lazy day with no plans if ever possible. Sunday is the day of mismatched clothes or even pj's all day.

Sunday is the day for pillow fights.

Sunday is the day for fort building... no matter how big or small.

Sunday is the day for sisterly arguments and pouty faces.

Sunday is the day for horse play.

Ah, I love Sunday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Random pictures...

I have nothing important to say today. I'm a grumpy monster and won't bother you with my mood.... so here are some random pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Erina loves my camera too :-) and she does a great job!

Our girl Dutchess, she's such a fluff ball

And my lovely Erina who all of a sudden loves to have her pictures taken! YAY!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My book worms

I am so glad that my girls love to read. Yesterday was one of those non-stop reading days :-) and I just happened to tag along with my camera. Did I mention how much I love my new camera??? Love, LOVE, L O V E it to pieces!!!

So we started at the library after school. The girls both had some late fees and the library has this great program where you can read away your fines (every half hour of reading done in the library gives you a dollar). I actually got in trouble for taking pictures inside the library... I didn't know that was a no-no?!?

Then they continued to read while driving home,

after they got home...

... and while I was cooking dinner (yep, lots of jokes and riddles for me!!).

And here are a few shots that I like...

first off "THE LOOK" by Grace

Awww, I got a cute sister pic!

And I figured out that I can take b&w pics too! Doesn't she look all grown-up?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Campers

We went to Doran Beach (by Bodega Bay) for a weekend camp trip. It can be a cold, foggy and windy place and I was a bit worried since we are faithful tent campers. We did this two years ago an I was miserable!!! Brian had the wonderful idea that I could sleep in the back of our minivan with Erina (the other sissy in the family, lol) and he would sleep in a small dome tent with Grace.

It worked out perfect... yes, it was overcast and cool, but not too windy and I was able to sleep (which means less grumpiness in the daytime!). The kids had such a wonderful time. They ate powdered donuts for breakfast, skimmed the low tide beach for clams & hermit crabs and even swam in the cold ocean. All in all a wonderful weekend spent with great friends.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


When I got home from the girl scout meeting, Brian said he had a surprise and I needed to sit on the couch. Guess what he got me?????

A Canon Rebel XSI Kit


an EF 75-300/4.0-5.6 III Lense

I couldn't even say anything... I still don't know what to say. I feel like puking or screaming or jumping around.

I have a hard time when people give me expensive presents... even if that people is my husband, lol. The savvy shopper in me wants to go research online and see how much cheaper I could have gotten it. Instead I should just say "thank you" and be happy. Why do I have such a hard time with that? I almost always ruin the moment with my negative comments. Maybe that's my way of protection... but from what? I guess I still have to learn a lot about my inner turmoil.

But not right now...

Right now I'm going to open that shiny box and start reading about my new toy. After all we're going to the beach this weekend... glorious photo opportunities... here I come!!!

Funny Homework...

The girls had so much fun with their writing homework this week. They had to pick an object that can't talk and pretend to be it.

Paper by Grace

Ouch, pencils are poking me. Stop that! Okay now I can talk. Hello. I am called paper. I have blue stripes all over me. I have a red margent (margin). Sometimes I am plain white. Sometimes they form me into wrapping paper. Not again under attack aaaaaaaah. Thank you. Whew. I have zillion million twins. I was stuck down in a big pile of twins. I feel like I never want to be written on, cause it hurts. I get stuck to places because they put tape on me. Oh no, I'm going into the recycle bin now!

Converse by Erina

Hello! I am a Converse shoe, the ones Erina likes to wear sometimes. I am a sneaker and I am pink. I have a circle saying Converse.

I see a lot of things like yucky gum, puddles, mud, dirt, sometimes even sand! But most of all I see cement. I feel smashed up because I have to share my home with stinky sock and foot. I have a twin, we walk side by side.

I love being on Erina's feet and I hope I'll never get too small for her!

Matilda Jane is in the house!!

I was so super excited to get our fall Matilda Jane yesterday!! I totally go gaga over this stuff! I think it totally suits Grace's personality and it's comfortable (and acutally gets worn a lot). If you like what you see, check them out at

It's past my bedtime, so here you go:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Brian got a toy :-)

Looky what Brian got today:
He's been wanting on of those helicopters for a long time and I was always his downer (I always am, he, he) saying stuff like "it will be broken the first time you land" or "it never works the way it does in commercials". Well, guess what? I was WRONG!! And I'm not afraid to admit it :-).

That little thing is sturdy... it crashed plenty of times today and is still flying. It was wonderful to see the three of them out there having so much fun.

You go, Brian!! I was wrong and you were right (I know you enjoy hearing that).

Here's Erina getting a flying lesson:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More songs

I found a bunch of papers on the living room floor this morning... and it's more songs from Grace! I just have to share a few...

Like I'm That Girl

bam, bam
like I'm that crazy girl
bam, bam
like I'm that girl

Oh yeah and then I go
bam, bam, ring, ring
like I'm that girl

but I'm

NOT that girl
I've got my style
everday of my life

I'm not that girl
who you wish I am

You can't tell me what to be
cause I'm just not like that girl

Good Girl

I'm like a little angel in the sky
I'm a shining star
I'm a good girl
I'm a very very good girl
I see what's ahead
I never once was bad

Just Me

Oh, oh it's just me
Can't I ask you something
you don't understand
Can't you tell
It's just me
The little me

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She might even be a rock star...

My girls have a wild imagination... honestly, they don't need any toys to be entertained. Lately Grace has been a rock star and Erina is her bossy manager... today she took some pictures for a cd cover. Yep, that's it to your left.

Would you like a sample of Grace's song writing? Here's one she wrote this summer in Switzerland.

Drip Drop

I stand and look out the window,
I watch and say

drip drop, drip drop

I put my hand out and feel the rain,
the cold rain,
it chills my body

drip drop, drip drop
drip drop, drip drop
oh yeah

The power is lifting me to my bed
I fall asleep to the music of the rain

drip drop, drip drop

Monday, September 1, 2008

Beach fun!

Peace to all... I'm sorry I was absent this week. I was busy doing Ebay and didn't have much to share (unless you would like to see totes filled with girl clothes, lol).

But yesterday we finally had some fun in Alameda. We went to celebrate Gram Rose's birthday and I took the girls and their little cousin to the beach for a while. I didn't pack bathing suits, since they NEVER wanted to swim in the yucky Bay water before... but of course this time was different and they ended up in the water with their clothes on... oh, well!

Erina, still nice and dry
Grace surfing the waves :-D
They ran around like children should...

... they dug big holes...
... and wrote in the sand.

And here's Erina, the dog!