Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here she is with her glasses!!

Thanks to everybody who played the guessing game... Erina loved reading your comments! As you can see she picked the second pair and she thinks she looks quiet smashing.

Of course I encountered some problems while taking pictures. How in the world do you take a good picture of somebody wearing glasses?? Sharon, I need help!!

Without flash outside:
With flash inside (and she REALLY is happy... she just got tired of me snapping pictures & she's watching TV... I bet you all know that stare):


  1. She looks adorable in her new glasses!!

    Try tilting them downwards to avoid the glare, that's what Luke has to do.

  2. very cute....

    welcome to my with glasses stink! ask sharon....i'm sure she has a trick.

    i finally started taking mine off for pictures....good luck!

  3. Yeah... I do the tilt downwards thing too. Lots of times I just try for really nice open shade and no flash.

    Her glasses are too cute! I was going to vote she get both pairs. Like Converse... you need glasses in LOTS of colors! To go with different outfits!

  4. Thanks for the tip... I'll try the tilting.

    I was afraid she would pick the black/pink ones and then insist on wearing those two colors forever!!! You know how she is... stuff has to match! :-D

  5. Erina looks great with her glasses!
    And I'm happy I was right with my guess. :-)

    Did you get antireflection glasses? I now as a child I didn't have them and picture-taking was always horrible!

  6. She looks great Monika!!! Very stylish.

  7. How cute, I like your choice!

  8. She looks so cute in glasses!

    (I can't remember my darn password so I have to post as anonymous *sigh*)