Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some summer pictures!!

Summer vacation... ah, too bad it's over already! The girls and I spent July in Switzerland with my parents. We had a super relaxing time... I miss everybody already :-(.

In Basel by the river Rhein...
We take a picture with this silly cow every year :-)
Marveling at the new toys in front of a pretty fountain
Gondola ride in Reigoldswil
Grosi... how we adore her!
At the top, see the little gondola in the background?
We saw lots of lamas up there
This slide was dangerous!! Grace flew out of it right at the bend... luckily she didn't break anything!!
Bunny pizza for kids... isn't that too cute??
Another trip to Basel... that's the old Ratshaus in the background, built in the 1500's!
Eating butter pretzels is another tradition in Basel :)
Here are a few from a rainy day by the river

Here we walked to Germany and back... the girls thought it was cool to walk to another country!
The girly gang... my mom with my girls, my cousin with her girls and my aunt

Can you spy Erina? She loved all the old towers in Rheinfelden.

And this is the public pool in Moehlin. We spent many days there... definately one of the girls favorite spots!!


  1. Take me next time!!! I want to go! I'll take all the pictures! Although, yours are great! But, if I go you can be in some! I'd need like 100 gigs of memory cards! No! Scratch that... I'd need a whole new computer!

  2. great pictures. did you get splashed?