Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shall we go for a walk?

First week of school and you know what the girls wanted to do? Walk to school. They got used to walking everywhere while we were in Switzerland this summer and wanted to continue this nice habit here. I was all for it, but the cold wind made us jump in the car after all.

New plan, we'll walk home after school. Ok, sounds wonderful!! It was nice and warm by then, but the wind was still blowing hard. Ha, a little wind can't hurt me! My only mistake was my footwear... what in the world was I thinking?? I wore flip-flops!!! After ten minutes my feet started hurting, so I took the flip-flops off... ah, much better... except the ground is steaming hot. Oh well, flip-flops are going back on, rubbing me in the wrong places. It took me 25 minutes of power walking (against the wind) to get to the school. It really doesn't look like a long way away when you're driving!!

The walk home was nice though, the wind was moving us along and I walked barefoot in the grass as much as possible. The girls stopped to play tarzan at the willow tree park and my feet felt better just looking at their happy faces.

Back home I checked out my feet... I had two blisters on each foot bottom... ouch!!

We'll do it again next week, but I'm wearing sneakers for sure :-D!


  1. Maybe I'll park by your house after school and we can walk together! I can remind you to wear good shoes!

  2. looks like such a fun trip! can't beat the red cow....that's awesome!