Sunday, August 17, 2008

My little celebrity!

Look who's on the Matilda Jane blog today (August 17)...

I'm such a proud mommy!! And you should have seen the look on Grace's face when I read it to her and she heard her name (she didn't see the picture yet)... then I scrolled down and Grace went "Ahh, that's me... I'm on the blog!!!!"

See, last Friday I spent a lot of time reading the MJ blog. Denise (the owner) had this fun quiz up and I really wanted to win (I didn't though, lol). Anyways, Grace came in and out of the room, checking out the pretty pictures. Then she asked why she's not on there. I told her that most pictures were taken by professional photographers. She wasn't too happy about it and marched away.

So I sent a few pictures to Denise with Grace's "Why not me" story. And low and behold she posted her pic!! Thank you, Denise, you have a heart of gold!